Curaçao Animal Rights Foundation

CARF Canada is the sister organization and rescue partner of CARF Curaçao. Founded in 2008, CARF Curaçao is the oldest hands-on, no-kill animal rescue organization on the island of Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean.

CARF Canada and CARF Curaçao are not-for-profit organizations with a mission of alleviating the pain and suffering of abandoned, neglected, and stray animals resulting from the canine overpopulation crisis on the island.

Animal Rescue

Help Us, Help Them

Since 2008 CARF has made a difference in the lives of thousands of dogs in Curaçao. Sadly, many dogs still live in dire circumstances waiting for a second chance at a happy, healthy life.

Maybe you’re not able to adopt or foster a dog in need. That’s okay; there are other ways you can help us rescue more dogs from the despair they live with every day.

Become a Flight Volunteer

At CARF, one of the biggest challenges we face is finding opportunities to safely transport our dogs off the island to a place with a larger population where they have a better chance of being adopted.

At any given time, CARF Curaçao’s Canine Sanctuary is home to more than one hundred dogs waiting for their opportunity to live their best life.

CARF Curaçao will take care of all the necessary vetting and paperwork, supply the crate, and meet you at the airport on your departure with the dog you will be accompanying. Once you arrive in Toronto, CARF Canada will meet you at the airport to take the dog to its foster home. We try to make it as seamless as possible for our ‘Flight Angels.’

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CARF animal rescue

Make a Financial Donation

We can’t help them without financial help from our supporters. Your donation will help cover some of the cost of providing critical veterinary care for the abused, malnourished, dehydrated, sick and injured dogs we rescue..

Donate Food and Supplies

Donations of food and supplies help offset the cost of operating the CARF Canine Sanctuary.

We constantly receive requests from our volunteers, residents of the island, and tourists to take in dogs in desperate need of care. While our natural inclination would be to save all the dogs that are suffering, we are limited by physical space and the amount of food and supplies we have on hand.

This is where you can make a difference. We have an Amazon Wish List to make it easy to select the items you’d like to donate and have them shipped directly to us.

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The ultimate goal of rescuing stray dogs is to find them a loving and caring forever home where they get a second chance at life. Rescued dogs have usually seen both sides of life, and that’s why they appreciate the little things like a safe place to sleep, regular meals and fun activities with their humans. They will reward you every day with their love, loyalty, and companionship.

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As a foster parent, you have the unique opportunity to teach a dog that they can trust humans and other animals again while providing a safe and loving landing pad. In doing so, you’ll play a crucial role in giving your foster dog a chance at a better life. While in foster care, they receive the vetting and basic training required for them to thrive once they’re adopted.

Make no bones about it; without our gracious foster parents, we simply couldn’t fulfill our goal of saving the lives of homeless, neglected, and abused dogs by bringing them to Canada to be adopted.

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Save Lives

Save Lives in Your Spare Time

Become a CARF volunteer and help us save Curacao’s homeless dogs. With well over a hundred dogs in our care at any given time, we’re grateful for any help our volunteers can offer.

Whether you help organize fundraising events, coordinate veterinary care, manage supplies, or provide admin support, your time and compassion will make a tremendous difference in the lives of the animals who depend on us. It’s rewarding and fun to be a part of our dedicated and committed family of animal lovers!

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